This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 671295


The main objective of INNOVOUCHER is to develop a new model of innovation voucher programme supporting the transnational exchange of innovation services in Europe. The project aims to help European regions and national governments to face their innovation challenges and achieve their goals in their innovation support to companies by putting into place a collaborative framework across Europe. This way, regions and enterprises can take advance of the globalization benefits and Europe can promote competitiveness and cooperation in an effective and cross-national way.

The project will define the characteristics, regulations, tools, procedures and the management model needed to implement this innovation voucher model with an European scale. To do this, the project will seek the achievement of the following specific objectives:

1. To set up a model of transnational collaboration based on innovation vouchers.
Regions will work together in the development of a new model of innovation voucher based on international exchange of knowledge and technology which will foster the relations between entities managing innovation voucher programmes.

2. To develop a European Label for innovation voucher programmes
INNOVOUCHER will develop a European Label and define the procedures to award the innovation voucher schemes complying with the model defined, in order to set a common framework for the international cooperation between entities managing innovation voucher programmes.

3. To foster the European level of the innovation voucher programmes.
The creation of a European Label to award innovation voucher programs complying with the developed model will facilitate the synergies and interconnection of these programmes across Europe, fostering their collaboration and the development of further initiatives.

4. To spread the adoption of the improved model based on the empirical findings
A pilot project will test the model in 5 regions and the dissemination of the results and impacts of this pilot project will encourage other regions to adopt the model.

5. To increase and diversify the services provided to the SMEs in the innovation voucher programmes.

The inclusion of transnational acquisition of services in the catalogue of the regional voucher programmes will facilitate the access to services not available at local level, fostering also the cooperation and the exchange at SME level across Europe.

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